Our Expo Social, sponsored by Xfinity, will take place from 3 p.m.-5:00 p.m. and will include a “Best in Show” food sampling competition!

Registration is FREE

Expo Social Food Exhibitors are not charged for exhibit space. No samples offered can be prepackaged. All vendors are subject to review to determine appropriateness for the event. Please note - Vendors must notify the Expo organizers if they plan to heat/cook food on site with an open flame (sterno).


Be prepared to supply at least 500 samples. Samples are limited to 2 ounces. Please be prepared so you don’t run out of food before the end of the social!

The “Best in Show” Award

When you register as am Expo Show Food Exhibitor you are automictically entered into the “Best in Show” food competition. Expo attendees will vote for their favorite food item by dropping a token in the jar with the name of their chosen food exhibitor. Attendees are given one token each. The “Best in Show’ winner will be awarded an advertising campaign in BusinessWest as well as editorial in the annual Restaurant Guide. Only 8 food exhibitors are required to participate. Participants in the competition must be ready to serve their entry by 2:45 p.m., NO EXCEPTIONS.

You Supply

  • Digital image (.jpg format) of business and a brief write-up for inclusion in our Expo Show Guide and on www.wmbexpo.com
  • Head shot (digital image in .jpg format) and brief bio of chef or personality for our Expo Show Guide and on www.wmbexpo.com
  • Samples of product - at least 300 samples
  • A link on your business website to the official Expo website (www.wmbexpo.com)
  • Disposable utensils and napkins
  • Ice and containers as needed
  • Water if needed

We Supply

  • Business write-up and photos with your website link featured in the Expo Show Guide and on www.wmbexpo.com (over 30,000 readership)
  • Chef’s photo, bio, and website link featured in the Expo Show Guide and on www.wmbexpo.com  (over 30,000 readership)
  • The Expo logo for use as a link on your business website, social media pages, and/or email signature
  • Extensive media exposure
  • 6-foot table with linen

Cancellation Notices

This is a FREE to exhibit event where you will receive significant media exposure. Exhibitors should provide a notice of cancellation by October 10, 2017. Exhibitors who are a no-show to the event may not be eligible to participate in future events.


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