Ask an Expert Roundtable
What if you had free access to sit down with an area expert who could help you reach new heights in your career? Ask the Expert Roundtables are an opportunity for attendees to ask successful area professionals questions about various specialties and issues.
How to Build Skills to Help You Succeed
Work is changing and the skills considered necessary to be successful at work are changing as well. In our globalized, highly technical economy, we’ll need technical experts to build the future, but we’ll also need those people to grasp the whys and hows of human behavior. Making…
How to Grow Business through Media (Public Relations Panel)
How do we grow our business through media? Learn how in this panel discussion with representatives from various media outlets each giving a snapshot of how companies, small-businesses and non-profit organizations alike can better use the media resources available to them.
How to Prepare for Cybersecurity
Major security breaches are common these days and are affecting industries from public sector to financial services, from healthcare, small businesses and non-profits. No one is immune to cybersecurity attacks!
Marketing Myths Revealed
Back by popular demand! The greatest minds in marketing and visual design in Western Mass offer up their combined expertise for one day only at the Expo Local, award winning graphic designers, marketeers, copywriters and visual artists will offer their expertise and advice and…